Brian Epstein

British music entrepreneur Brian Epstein was born on September 19th, 1934 in Liverpool, England.

After he expressed a desire to become an actor his parent agree to let him study in London. Epstein attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art for three terms before dropping out and returning to Liverpool where his father put him in charge of the record department at the NEMS music store.

Epstein worked hard to make the store a success and it became one of the biggest musical retail outlets in Northern England.

On August 3rd, 1961, Epstein began writing a regular music column in “Mersey Beat” magazine which he called “Record Releases by Brian Epstein of NEMS”.

While managing the record store Epstein became interested in the Beatles in 1961. He met with them on several occasions and attending there shows at The Cavern before signing a management deal in January 1962 which gave him 25% of the groups gross income.

Epstein shopped The Beatles to nearly every British record company before finally signing a contract with EMI. After signing the contract and playing an audition for George Martin, who was the A & R manager for the Parlophone label, it was suggested that they remove Pete Best as the drummer for the band. As a result of this suggestion Ringo Starr to over and became the new drummer for The Beatles.

Epstein successfully managed The Beatles until his death which was caused by an overdose on August 27th, 1967. He was buried at Long Lane Jewish Cemetery in Aintree, Liverpool.

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