Les Paul

Les Paul was born Lester William Polsfuss on June 9th, 1915 in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

At age 8 he became interested in music and began to play the harmonica. He later attempted the Banjo but settled on the guitar. This led him to invent the neck-worn harmonica holder so that he could play the harmonica and accompany himself on the guitar. His original design is still used to manufacture the device.

He was performing semi-professional by the age of 13 as a country music singer, guitarist and harmonica player. At seventeen he dropped out of high school to join Wolverton’s Radio Band in St. Louis, Missouri.

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Dudley Moore

Dudley Moore was born on April 19th, 1935 in Dagenham, England. He was a short man who was frequently the butt of jokes during his childhood. He became a choirboy at six and started to play the piano and the violin.

As a result of his musical talent he received a scholarship to Magdelen College in Oxford and during his years at university became an accomplished jazz pianist and composer which lead him to work with musicians such as John Dankworth and Cleo Laine. He formed a band called “Dudley Moore Trio” in the 1960’s. The “Dudley Moore Trio” performed regularly on British television and where a long-standing act at the London nightclub, The Establishment.

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Brian Epstein

British music entrepreneur Brian Epstein was born on September 19th, 1934 in Liverpool, England.

After he expressed a desire to become an actor his parent agree to let him study in London. Epstein attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art for three terms before dropping out and returning to Liverpool where his father put him in charge of the record department at the NEMS music store.

Epstein worked hard to make the store a success and it became one of the biggest musical retail outlets in Northern England.

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Robert Palmer

A sing-songwriter known for his soulful voice and eclectic mix of musical styles, Robert Palmer was born in Batley, Yorkshire on January 19th, 1949.

In 1970 he joined the jazz-rock fusion band Dada. The band was together for a year in which time they signed with the Island Records and released three albums.

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