William Butler Yeats


William Butler Yeats was born in Dublin on the 13th of June 1865. His father, John, was a well known Irish painter.

Though his family moved to London when he was two years old he spent much of his childhood in Sligo with his grandparents.

This upbringing in Sligo formed the setting for many of his poems in later life.

Yeat’s writing drew from Irish mythology and folklore.

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John Steinbeck Jr.

John Steinbeck was born in Salinas, California on February 27th, 1902. His love of reading and writing was nurtured in his early years by his mother who was a former school teacher.

He graduated from High School in 1919 and attended Stanford University until 1925 when he left without obtaining a degree. He moved to New York and did odd jobs and pursued his dream of becoming a writer but when he failed to get his work published he returned to California.

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William Blake


The poet William Blake was born in London on the 28th of November 1757 to a rather bourgeoisie family in which he was the third of seven children.

He was a part of what would become known as the ‘Golden Riots’, an anti-catholic uprising in 1780 which led to the creation of the first Police Force in Britain.

He married in 1792 to Catherine Boucher.

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Mary Anne Evans


Mary Anne Evans was born in 1819 in Warwickshire and is better known under her pen name, George Eliot.

She was the daughter of a local farmer and it was his father’s importance to the Arbury Hall Estate that allowed the young novelist to gain access to the Library which greatly enhanced her education.

Mary Evans decided to publish under her pen name George Eliot so that her works would be taken seriously.

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Charles Dickens


Charles Dickens is perhaps the best known British author as his works such as Oliver Twist and A Tale of Two Cities have obtained worldwide acclaim.

Dickens was born on the 7th February 1812, in Hampshire to John and Mary Dickens. He was the second of 8 children.

He married Catherine Thomson Hogarth in April 1836 and eventually went on to father 10 children.

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