Charles Darwin


Charles Robert Darwin was born in Shropshire in the 12th February 1809, he was the fifth of 6 children to Robert and Susannah Darwin.

He originally became an apprentice Doctor to follow in his father’s footsteps however his interest in natural history soon prevailed.

Darwin is best known for this Theory of Evolution which was published in 1859.

In the Theory of Evolution Darwin asserted that all living creatures, including humans, share a common ancestor and that we all evolve over time to adapt to the way the Earth changes.

He is perhaps best remembered for the quote: “The survival of the fittest”.

He married his first-cousin Emma Wedgewood and the pair had ten children.

Constantly working, Darwin suffered from ill-health through much of his adult life. He settled on impractical deadlines for his work which put him under immense pressure.

His last words on his death bed were to his wife Emma: “I am not the least afraid of death – Remember what a good wife you have been to me – Tell all my children to remember how good they have been to me”.

He was accused of reverting back to Christianity just before he died but this has been dismissed by historians.


He died in 1882 and is buried at Westminster Abbey.

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